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Baie des Anges, the identity of the South

Located in Nice, this independent publishing house is doing the promotion of authors and artists coming from the South or having a close ties with this region. Against the “trials of that job” there is only one approach-passion.

Baie des Anges works with passion and edits only the works of authors with whom there are close ties.


The identity of the South

We don’t want any delocalisation! We work here with people from the South - authors, graphic designers, photographers, printers … on subjects which are dear to our hearts, original subjects often with authors who begin in the edition sector - It is a chance for the talents of the South.

Our strategy of broadcasting is going trough the site of our books in the valleys. After the Tinée Valley (over 15 retail outlets) we are investing in the Roya Bévéra Valleys with the book of Rémy Masseglia, which is available in all the districts. We already anticipate almost 30 retail outlets and even the people up there will share the profits of our books with us, as distributors.


A sight on Nice

This is a good way for us to take a part of the economic development in the valleys of the hinterland.


Quality strategy

We attach importance, in the design of our books, to the choice of photographers, the layout, the atmosphere, the colours, to our partners of the graphic chain…We don’t leave anything to chance!

With the collection Patrimoine Sud (South Heritage), Baie des Anges assert itself in the edition world.

We are present in all “good” bookshops in the Alpes Maritimes and in the department of Var. We are present on the Internet network via the bookshops websites (, amazon, decitre,,…) as well as on our website The 4th volume of our collection called “Faces cachées de la Tinée” (The hidden faces of the Tinée Valley) appeared in November 2006. We are also preparing 2 or 3 works and new talents for 2008.

Introduction of “Promenade des Anglais, la belle époque des villas”

Unquestionably strolling along the Promenade des Anglais is like trying to recapture the past. A past, which is

distilled here or there, hidden by palm trees and modern buildings, but always soaring with absolute pride.

It’s a façade which conceals legends, gardens of rare tree species, elegant curves of time and extravagances.

To wander along the Promenade is to be for a moment like a prince in exile, a prince without a palace who has lost his fortune but whose history is rich and whose nostalgia is linked to this place.

It’s an attitude, a stance. This is the theatre of international nonchalance and a wonderful symbol of decadence.

One villa replaces the other… All in all, it’s the history of many villas which have succeeded each other over many decades. These residences come from a classical or neo-classical, oriental or neo-gothic or art deco inspiration, their architects being Tersling, Allinge, Biasini or Dikansky and their sculpters being, Virieux, Cordier or Rodin. Their

gardens were designed by Vérany or André. One might tell the saga of the great courts of Europe, another might just be a simple anecdote. All melt together into a single narrative of the Promenade des Anglais, from the Pont des Anges to Pont-Magnan, from the 18th to the 20th century.

The La Belle Epoque period for the villas on the Promenade is also that of the hotels which is why they are

numerous. Marks of social distinction, the residences travel through time under the names of their successive owners such as Romanoff and Baschkirtzeff, also Diesbach, Fay, Starzinsky, Heine, Guiglia or Stirbey, names which still echo and are imprinted in the memory so that they are not forgotten and still tell their history a long time afterwards. Our history…


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